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Therapy In Action

“Special People” Behind a Patient’s Success at Walking Again

Many of us have experienced physical therapy, either as a patient or as a relative or friend of someone recovering from an illness or injury. However, what transforms a “therapist” into one of the “special people” remembered months later was revealed in a recent letter from the family of a special patient.

When patient Alan Hudson arrived at a Genesis Rehab Services (GRS) contract facility, he was unable to sit for an extended period of time and couldn’t move his legs. “He seriously doubted whether he would walk again,” his children wrote, but the situation soon changed under the care of his GRS therapy team. They explained that their dad had been to another facility with a “generic” rehab program, but ensured the family that the GRS program was different. “He felt that they were all truly interested in him as a person and interested in his progress,” they wrote.

Their letter praised Alan’s Occupational Therapist Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant and Physical Therapist: “It’s difficult to explain how much dad appreciated the care given to him by his therapy team. Because of them, Dad has been able to make a comfortable transition to living at home…Our parents have been able to celebrate their 62nd Wedding Anniversary, have family get-togethers, and today, go see a movie and to a restaurant afterwards. We are sharing time together in which we do not take for granted. This is a real gift to Dad and to us as a family… We want you to know that we are grateful for the efforts of three very special people.” A GRS Area Director says this is not unusual; “I am proud of the Rehab team for always putting the care of residents first,” he says, “and this is proof that they do.”