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Apr 19 New Alzheimer's Treatment May Come From Discovering How Plaques Lead To Tangles (Medical News Today) -- Alzheimer's disease has two key hallmarks: accumulation of amyloid protein plaques outside brain cells and of neurofibrillary tangles of tau protein inside brain cells. The plaques appear first, and then the tangles, giving the impression that one causes Read article »
Apr 05 The Importance Of Early Diagnosis And Treatment Of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (Medical News Today) -- Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) continues to be the leading cause of visual impairment in the United States for people over age 65, according to a study recently published online in Ophthalmology, the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmolog Read article »
Apr 05 Two Servings Of Fatty Fish Per Week Associated With Lower Risk Of Dying Among Older Adults (Medical News Today) -- Older adults who have higher levels of blood omega-3 levels - fatty acids found almost exclusively in fatty fish and seafood - may be able to lower their overall mortality risk by as much as 27% and their mortality risk from heart disease by about ... Read article »
Mar 29 CDC says fewer people are dying in hospitals, highlighting importance of end-of-life care in nursing homes, hospices (McKnights) -- The number of people dying in hospitals decreased 8% between 2000-2010 even as overall hospitalizations rose, suggesting nursing homes, hospices and home health providers are playing larger roles in end-of-life care. These numbers appeared in a Centers fo Read article »
Mar 27 Decision-Making In Older People Improved By Parkinsons' Drug (Medical News Today) -- A drug widely used to treat Parkinson's Disease can help to reverse age-related impairments in decision making in some older people, a study from researchers at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging has shown... Read article »
Mar 27 Alzheimer's Deaths Continue to Rise (Advance-OT) -- CHICAGO -- According to the Alzheimer's Association 2013 Alzheimer's Disease Facts & Figures report released March 19, one in three seniors dies with Alzheimer's or another dementia in the United States. The report shows that Alzheimer's deaths continue.. Read article »
Mar 27 Parkinson Disease Patients With Mild Cognitive Impairment At Increased Risk Of Dementia (Medical News Today) -- According to research published in JAMA Neurology, people with Parkinson disease (PD), who show symptoms of mild cognitive impairment, are at an increased risk of early dementia... Read article »
Mar 22 Regulations for nursing home ethics programs and QAPI still in the works, administrators say (McKnights) -- The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is still working on the regulations for ethics and compliance programs that nursing homes were supposed to have implemented this month, CMS administrators admitted in an Open Door Forum call Thursday. Read article »
Mar 12 Index May Help Predict 10-Year Mortality Among Older Adults (Medical News Today) -- "Recent guidelines recommend considering patients' life expectancy when deciding whether to pursue preventive interventions with long lag times to benefit (7 years or more) such as colorectal cancer screening and intensive glycemic control for diabetes. H Read article »
Mar 12 Video Games Help Seniors Stay Happier And Healthier (Medical News Today) -- Older adults who play video games are more likely to be happier and have better emotional health. The finding came from a new study by experts from North Carolina State University and was published in Computers in Human Behavior. According to the results, Read article »
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