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Mar 24 'Men have worse memories than women as they age' (Medical News Today) -- A study has found that, on average, men have worse memories than women after the age of 40. Cognitive decline was not associated with carrying the APOE 03b54 gene. Read article »
Mar 24 Alzheimer's: new ultrasound technique 'restores memory' in mice (Medical News Today) -- A noninvasive ultrasound technology cleared beta-amyloid plaques in the brains of Alzheimer's mouse models, restoring their memory to healthy levels, a new study reveals. Read article »
Mar 24 Mental and physical exercises may protect against cognitive decline in the elderly (Medical News Today) -- A comprehensive intervention targeting the most important risk factors for age-related dementia has proved successful at reducing cognitive decline in seniors. Read article »
Jan 13 A Cognitive-Balance Control Training Paradigm Using Wii Fit to Reduce Fall Risk in Chronic Stroke Survivors. (Medworm) -- CONCLUSIONS:: The results demonstrate good adherence and evidence of clinical value of this high-intensity, short-duration protocol for reducing cognitive-motor interference and improving balance control in stroke survivors. Future studies should examine Read article »
Jan 13 Associations between performance of activities of daily living and everyday technology use among older adults with mild stage Alzheimer2019s disease or mild cognitive impairment (Medworm) -- Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Ahead of Print. (Source: Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy) Read article »
Jan 13 Predictors of On-Road Driver Performance following Traumatic Brain Injury. (Medworm) -- CONCLUSIONS: PTA duration, proved to be a better predictor of driver assessment outcome than Glasgow coma scale score and in combination with the presence of physical/visual impairment and slowed reaction times, could assist clinicians to determine referr Read article »
Jan 13 The role of occupational therapy in vision rehabilitation of individuals with glaucoma. (Medworm) -- The prevalence of eye diseases is increasing; knowledge of how visual impairment affects disability will inform resource allocation and development of rehabilitation programs that address the unique needs of individuals with glaucoma. Read article »
Sep 05 Passive Range of Motion Exercises for ALS Patients (Advance-SLP) -- Watch these videos produced by the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the ALS Association. Read article »
Sep 05 Late and early onset Alzheimer's affect brain function in similar way (Medical News Today) -- New study shows a key element of brain function begins to decline a few years before symptoms emerge in both uninherited late onset and inherited early onset Alzheimer's disease. Read article »
Sep 05 Research could lead to improved treatments for stroke or other brain injuries (Medical News Today) -- Learning a new skill is easier when it is related to an ability we already have. For example, a trained pianist can learn a new melody easier than learning how to hit a tennis serve. Read article »
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