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Jan 13 A Cognitive-Balance Control Training Paradigm Using Wii Fit to Reduce Fall Risk in Chronic Stroke Survivors. (Medworm) -- CONCLUSIONS:: The results demonstrate good adherence and evidence of clinical value of this high-intensity, short-duration protocol for reducing cognitive-motor interference and improving balance control in stroke survivors. Future studies should examine Read article »
Jan 13 Associations between performance of activities of daily living and everyday technology use among older adults with mild stage Alzheimer2019s disease or mild cognitive impairment (Medworm) -- Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Ahead of Print. (Source: Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy) Read article »
Jan 13 Predictors of On-Road Driver Performance following Traumatic Brain Injury. (Medworm) -- CONCLUSIONS: PTA duration, proved to be a better predictor of driver assessment outcome than Glasgow coma scale score and in combination with the presence of physical/visual impairment and slowed reaction times, could assist clinicians to determine referr Read article »
Jan 13 The role of occupational therapy in vision rehabilitation of individuals with glaucoma. (Medworm) -- The prevalence of eye diseases is increasing; knowledge of how visual impairment affects disability will inform resource allocation and development of rehabilitation programs that address the unique needs of individuals with glaucoma. Read article »
Sep 05 Passive Range of Motion Exercises for ALS Patients (Advance-SLP) -- Watch these videos produced by the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the ALS Association. Read article »
Sep 05 Late and early onset Alzheimer's affect brain function in similar way (Medical News Today) -- New study shows a key element of brain function begins to decline a few years before symptoms emerge in both uninherited late onset and inherited early onset Alzheimer's disease. Read article »
Sep 05 Research could lead to improved treatments for stroke or other brain injuries (Medical News Today) -- Learning a new skill is easier when it is related to an ability we already have. For example, a trained pianist can learn a new melody easier than learning how to hit a tennis serve. Read article »
Aug 27 Ability to self administer medication after stroke associated with memory loss (Medical News Today) -- Screening stroke survivors for medication self-administration ability may be a useful approach to identifying memory deficits that contribute to poor outcomes. Read article »
Aug 27 Falls and fracture risk examined in patients with type 2 diabetes prescribed antihypertensive treatment (Medical News Today) -- It's time to question the common belief that patients receiving intensive blood pressure treatment are prone to falling and breaking bones. Read article »
Aug 27 Supporting the Loewenstein occupational therapy cognitive assessment using distributed user interfaces. (Medworm) -- Conclusions: The use of DUIs allows therapists to gather information that is unavailable using traditional assessment methods as well as adapt the system to patients' profile to increase the range of patients that are able to take this assessment. Read article »
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